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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your rate?

It depends on the modality. My hourly fee for surrogate partner therapy is $200, relationship and intimacy counseling $150, and professional cuddling $125

Do you work on sliding scale or reduce your fees? 

I do have some limited sliding scale options available. I also mentor surrogate partner interns who work at lower fees than I do, and am happy to refer them appropriate cases. 

How long is your waitlist?

My waitlist is a few months on average, but varies based on the modality (relationship counseling, cuddling, or surrogate partner therapy)

How can I get on the waitlist?

To get on my waitlist for surrogate partner therapy, you must first be referred to me by your therapist. If the therapist and I agree that you (the client) would benefit clinically from surrogate partner therapy, then all of us (the therapist, client, and surrogate partner) would have a virtual meeting where I can give you more information about the process and how I work. If we all feel comfortable going forward after that meeting, THEN I can put you on my waitlist. 

Do you offer intercourse?

I do not offer intercourse or other genital touch, but go through body touch exercises that help clients increase their awareness and can contribute to greater ease, confidence, and connectedness when they have intercourse with others.

What are the Covid requirements?

I am only seeing clients who are fully vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19. I will ask for a digital or physical vaccine card as proof, and am happy to provide proof of my own vaccination status.

Who do you work with?

 I do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, orientation, size, or physical ability. 

Some people with specific diagnoses may not benefit from surrogate partner therapy, however, so it is important for me to evaluate the suitability of each case by talking to the therapist first. Additionally, age is sometimes considered as a factor for the suitability of a client-surrogate match and I may suggest a more age appropriate surrogate partner.

Do I have to get a referral from a therapist to work with a surrogate partner?

Yes. Surrogates only see clients who have been referred by a therapist. Not all therapists refer to surrogate partners. If you are interested in seeing a surrogate in the Los Angeles area, I can refer you to a therapist near me. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, you can contact the International Professional Surrogate's Association referrals coordinator ( for more information about their therapist members. 

Can I see you without a referral from a therapist?

If you are seeking cuddle therapy or relationship and intimacy counseling, you can see me without a referral from a therapist. If you are unsure about which modality is best for you, feel free to contact me through the contact page on this site.

How do I know if my issue is something that a surrogate partner can help with?

It is the job of your therapist and prospective surrogate partner to evaluate your case, but the most common concerns addressed in surrogate partner therapy are:

social anxiety

touch phobia

rapid ejaculation

romantic and sexual inexperience

erection difficulties


pain during intercourse

low desire

compulsive sexual behavior


delayed or inhibited ejaculation

sexual orientation confusion


Some sexual concerns may be entirely physiological in nature, and therefore outside of the ability of a therapist and surrogate to treat alone. If you are having physical pain and discomfort, it is important that you rule out a number of medical conditions. For example, some erection difficulties may stem from underlying heart problems, excessive use of drugs or alcohol, unhealthy blood pressure, normal aging, or other vascular damage. You may therefore benefit from seeing a medical professional to rule out physiological causes for your concerns.


Many surrogate partners do see disabled clients, but the primary goal of the surrogate is to help the client learn to adapt to dating and sex with a disability, not the treatment of physical pain. 

If we work together, will you share information about me with other people?

Surrogate partners share some information about the client (with explicit consent from the client) with the client's therapist. The therapist, in turn, then shares relevant information with the surrogate partner. The team between client, therapist, and surrogate is a "triadic relationship". It is a fundamental part of the surrogate partner therapy experience, and surrogate partner therapy cannot be conducted without this communication. A surrogate partner will never share any personally identifying information about the client with anyone outside of the triadic relationship.

As a relationship counselor and professional cuddler, I don't share any of the client's personally identifying information with anyone unless the client asks me to and signs a Release of Information form.

How long can I expect to work with a surrogate partner?

The average amount of time I work with clients is about 36 hours, in appointments that are once a week and last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Despite this average, there is a lot of variation in how long each individual case takes, and we do not do closure until the clients clinical goals are achieved or they learn that there is another modality that will work better for them.

That means that surrogate partner therapy is a relatively long-term commitment. If a client cannot commit to relatively regular appointments, then they will not progress as quickly or effectively through the exercises. I occasionally work in an intensive format for 3 hours a day, every day for 10-14 days, but that process is not suitable for most clients.

How long can I expect to work with a professional cuddler?

There is no time limit on seeing a professional cuddler. You can continue to go to regular cuddle sessions for as long as you feel it is helpful!

How long can I expect to work with an intimacy and relationship counselor?

This is highly dependent on what the client is seeking, and while there is no time limit on working with me as a counselor, my goal is to give the client the skills and confidence to live their life without me.

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