Whose Questions can I answer?

  • Anyone interested in information about the surrogate partner therapy process

  •  Los Angeles locals who are hoping to work with me and are in need of lists of therapists who are known to refer to surrogate partners

  • Potential out-of-town clients seeking intensive therapy


If you are hoping to work with me, please be advised:

- My hourly fee for new clients is $200 

- My wait list is 4 months on average

- To get on my wait list, you must first be referred to me by your therapist

- I am only seeing clients who are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (digital or physical vaccine card as proof)

- I work with clients under 45 years of age


I would suggest prospective clients over 45 years old contact the International Professional Surrogate's Association (at referrals@surrogatetherapy.org) for help finding an age-appropriate surrogate partner

Thanks for submitting!

Office in Los Angeles, CA